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Little & Big Beach;  Click for a larger picture..........Click for, your Maui Portal............Welcome to Ed, Yo & Seb's website.  Click here for optimal viewing details.  We are continuing to add details about us and our travels.  Please visit our individual home pages.  The photo on the left is Little & Big Beach at Makena, Maui.  Click the picture for an enlargement.You will find a beach guide for Maui on Ed's home page.   If you would like the current Maui weather visit the Kihei link below for Glenn James's daily narrative.   Also, please sign our guestbook.Try playing 'Asteroids' which you will find on Ed's home page.  Please enter our 'Where Were These Pictures Taken' quiz and win a $20 prize !!  Also, Yolande is offering some unique French classes that may interest you.We updated our 'Photos' page on January 9th, 2008.  Follow the links on Justmaui for all these items,

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Click here to try our 'Where Were These Pictures Taken' quiz and win $20 !!


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days left until our trip to France !!

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