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Important !!Justmaui is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 with Internet Explorer.  Otherwise, it may be necessary to adjust the font size in Internet Explorer via View/Text Size.  Many of the graphics on our pages are links to interesting websites.  Some of these may not be obviously labeled, but if you move your mouse over a graphic then you should see a label.  Most links will open in separate browser windows.  Just close these separate browser windows to return to the previous page.  Sometimes we include Hawaiian music which may 'stream' while our website is loading.  Just click the browser 'Refresh' button to hear the song again.  If you found our website via a search engine and do not see a navigation frame on the left of our 'Front Page', then please click here for our 'Front Page'.



This page was last updated on July 05, 2004